Slideshow Notes

To provide the best and most informative display of the wide range of Moorsholm In Bloom activities for the Yellow Book Project we have provided two types of Slideshows.

The first is the Rolling Slideshow where slides are displayed on a continuous loop and then bounce back to the start. The show can be stopped to view individual slides by the following methods………..

To stop the slideshow on a Computer place your mouse over the bottom of the slide. To go forward or backwards click the blue arrows on the sides. Drag the mouse off the slide and a few seconds later the slideshow will start again.

The Children’s Christmas Party on the Community page can be stopped by simply moving the mouse over any slide. The slideshow will start when the mouse is moved off the slide.

Tablets and Phones will normally only display the slideshows on a continuous loop but this will vary depending on the type of device you are using. Tapping a slide will stop the slideshow, to start the slideshow again you can try tapping on the page underneath the slideshow. If this doesn’t work the web page will need to be reloaded to start the slideshow again.

The second is the Classic Slideshow with slides paused for a few seconds before moving on and then looping at the end to provide a continuous display.

On these Classic slideshows on a computer, moving the mouse over the slide will display a control button in the bottom right hand corner with two bars which is the pause button to stop the slide moving on. Arrows also appear on the left and right sides of the slide and they can be clicked to move the slides forward or backwards. Clicking the play button, the arrow head in the bottom right of the slide, will start the slideshow again.

As before Tablets and Phones will normally display the slideshows on a continuous loop and should stop when the slide is tapped.The slides can then be scrolled through by dragging with your finger or reloading the web page.

If you live in an area with poor broadband speeds you could find the annoying spinning circles where the images should be or only part of the image loads. If this happens it is best to view the webpage early in the morning or late at night when most people are not on the Internet.

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