NGS 2017

 About The National Gardens Scheme

Welcome to The Garden Visitors Handbook Book 2017 and to the thousands of gardens inside, just waiting to be discovered.
The National Gardens Scheme
has been opening gardens to raise money for nursing and caring charities since 1927 and is now celebrating the 90th year. So by visiting an NGS garden this year you will be making a vital contribution to the charities the NGS supports.Funds are donated to our beneficiaries annually. How much we are able to give away is driven by the number of visitors that go to the gardens. So by visiting a garden that opens on behalf of the National Gardens Scheme you can really make a difference and help raise much needed money.

Roses32Thanks to the generosity and hard work of garden owners, volunteers and visitors, in 2014 the NGS gave away £2.5 million to our beneficiaries. Most of the gardens that open for the National Gardens Scheme are privately owned and offer visitors a unique opportunity to enjoy the garden owners individual creations. The variety is breathtaking, from village openings to roof gardens, tiny cottage gardens to rolling acres and allotments. You will find gardens to inform and inspire.Your donation, as well as the tea you drink, the cake you eat and the plants you buy, will make a real difference to the life of someone who needs care or support at a critical time in their life.

Enjoy your garden visiting in 2017
Your visit to a garden really counts
Thank You

Visit an NGS garden – no need to wait until spring!

Spring and summer may be the peak time for gardens, but many gardens come to life much earlier. Early blooming plants like snowdrops, hellebores and aconites decorate gardens up and down the country, adding colour and beauty to the remaining days of winter.

Moorsholm’s Entry to the NGS

In the summer of 2014, Moorsholm was approached by the regional organiser for the National Garden Scheme with a suggestion that we might consider entering the scheme as a whole village. There are many examples in the Yellow Book of group entries, some gardeners in the same area, but also villages like ours. The regional organiser visited with a team from the National Garden Scheme and was very helpful in giving advice should we choose to apply, and also commenting on what they thought of the village as a potential entry, which was very positive!

A public meeting was then held to gauge community support, which again was very positive with several offers of help from villagers not involved with Moorsholm in Bloom. So because it seemed to be a good way of raising the profile of the village and in being able to choose the date of the opening, and we could tie it in with summer judging without making extra work for ourselves, we decided      to apply.

The application was successful and in January 2015 we formed a steering group to begin to put together a plan for the organisation of the day. We chose SUNDAY 19TH JULY 2015 as our first opening day and our entry was included in the Yellow Book which was available nationally from March. Our entry includes several individual gardens, the allotments and the features in the public areas of the village. We have promoted the Heritage Trail as an activity visitors might like to do, and of course, finishing their visit with afternoon tea in the Church Hall or the Sports Pavilion.

We look forward to welcoming visitors again to our village on SUNDAY 16th JULY 2017and one advantage is that we would get instant feedback on our work and how successful our open day has been.

Ten Open Gardens for 2017

From Cottage Gardens to Small Farms

When you buy your ticket you will be given a map of the village which shows where the Open Gardens are situated and most are in the centre of the village.

Needless to say the Open Gardens are very popular so a walk around the village while you are waiting to see the Open Gardens will allow you to get a bigger picture of the full range of gardens
in the Village.

We also have two refreshment areas one is the Church Hall which is next to the Church and on the recreation field is the Pavilion which also supplies food and drink.  A marquee next to the Church Hall is the centre of activities and has plants for sale. To see the facilities click the blue link below

NGS 2016

The photos below show the variety of garden styles across the village

Although the open gardens are the most popular another area near the recreation field
also generates a lot of interest and it is the allotments. Historically they have a link with mining villages and towns where miners working long hard days underground escaped into the allotments and enjoyed growing vegetables and flowers and keeping chickens and in some areas pigs.

This last photo is the largest farm house in the village and the garden has won a gold award in the Northumbria In Bloom competition several times in the last few years

In 2017 we achieved a similar number of  visitors as in 2016 on our open day

This year  we were also able to put on a free mini-bus to Throstle Nest Farm, a garden difficult to access by car being at the end of of a narrow farm track. This service was very popular and well over a hundred people travelled down to see this amazing garden cum park. Refreshments is one of our most popular services and visitors always enjoy them and many people comment on the quality of the home baking and the”farmhouse style” teas, which have obviously been perfected over decades by the farmers wives and the WI.

We would like to thank all of our visitors for coming to see our gardens especially those who come every year. Also we must thank the residents of Moorsholm who have given their time in all the gardening projects throughout the year and donated food for the refreshments for our visitors. They have also supplied plants for the plant sale and supervised the parking arrangements and generally made our visitors feel welcome.

With the support provided by our visitors we are very happy to say that a donation of just over £3,000 was given to the NGS in 2017, making our total donations over three years £8,000 which is a great achievement for a small moorland village.