NGS 2016

After the success of our first Moorsholm NGS Day in 2015 there was a lot of interest in taking part again in 2016

It was decided to take part again as we had enjoyed it so much, and we had another very successful year with over 400 visitors who were very complimentary about the nine gardens in the village, the floral and heritage features in the village and the spectacular views.

To look after our visitors we had guides to help them find their way around the village, the open gardens and the two catering facilities available one in the Pavilion and the second in the Church Hall.

There was also a marquee where locally grown plants were available to buy.

Although we have a welcoming village with attractive gardens, our biggest asset is our volunteers who help the visitors to find the car parking and show them around the village, and in particular the catering facilities where volunteers donate their “Home Baking” products and their time in the kitchen to give the visitors an enjoyable day.

At the end of our second NGS day in 2016 we thought we had improved  on our previous donation to the Cancer charities due to our visitor numbers increasing and indeed we had.

With over 400 visitors who paid to visit Moorsholm and enjoy the refreshments and donated through the plant sales our contribution was £3313

Needless to say we were so pleased with the visitors who came and for their generous comments about Moorsholm, and their donations that made the contribution possible.

I have the job of co-ordinating the NGS open day which has been a quite a task but very rewarding. It is lovely to see so many people in our village and to hear their positive comments about the place we all love so well. Our garden openers feel the same when showing visitors round their gardens, positive feedback is always good to receive. Many of our residents volunteer on the day and they love to welcome visitors. The highlight is being able to hand over our proceeds to NGS knowing that it is going to help such worthy causes,