Heritage Features And Projects

A detailed Heritage Trail Guide will be available from the
Village Hall for Yellow Book  visitors

Moorsholm In Bloom have a keen sense of keeping our heritage alive and a legacy for the future. Over the last couple of years we have completed a major project involving the restoration of the trods, the ancient stone footpaths through the Village and the Green Lane and down into Hagg Wood where the footpath led the miners to the Lingdale mine..

Historical-Trod-And-Green-GA delightful new area in the Churchyard has also been created for the Quiet Garden

QuietGardenGoldThe Moorsholm Docks

One of the heritage featurTop-Troughses which probably goes back to the Victorian times is a water system which drains off Freebrough Hill and works its way down through the fields to the top end of the village and is connected to four stone troughs behind the Pavilion and at the end of Back Lane.


The water then goes underground to the older part of the village near the Church.


The six stone troughs were used as drinking troughs for cattle and horses and water for steam rollers and threshing machines.

Apparently some “old wag” gave them the name “docks” and this always created some laughter when residents were asked by some outsiders what cargo came into the docks. Even one of the judges who came in 2014 admitted he had done his homework and found we had docks here miles from the coast.

 The Memorial Village Hall

The hall was built in 1957 to remember those villagers who died in the two World Wars. For over 50 years it has provided a community facility for Moorsholm village with Coffee Mornings, Sports and Craft activities, Live Music nights, activities from the Women’s Institute and even  a doctors surgery.

Moorsholm’s Newest Heritage Project

PavilionMoorsholm also had a really great success with a project for the Moorsholm Sports and Athletic Club.The village has its own recreation field which has been used for many years for cricket and football and has a childrens play area.

Local cricket teams used some PortaKabins on the field for dressing rooms but over the years their condition deteriorated to a point where new facilities were urgently needed. Over the last couple of years various sport orientated grants have been available to develop the facilities of sports clubs across the UK so a management group was created by our sports club and plans were made to make an application for funds to build a new Pavilion on the recreation field.

Starting from scratch is no easy task but Moorsholm has two individuals who have successfully raised funds in the past for various projects and they offered to get involved in the Pavilion project.

Ken Gillance the Chair of Moorsholm In Bloom had the experience and know how to make successful applications for grants. If you are involved with the In Bloom activities you need to generate funds continually for tools and equipment and literally thousands of bulbs over the years and also for restoration projects. This means that you gain valuable knowledge about exactly how to make fund applications that will succeed and who to approach. Ken’s greatest success was raising the funds for the major restoration work on the Church Hall which was completed in 2013.

The second volunteer was Ian Solomon who was the Chair of the Village Hall Committee. Ian has had similar experience in fund raising activities and after working with Ken and the Sports Club management group they succeeded in raising an amazing £50,000 to build a modern community pavilion.

Pavillion1It was decided that the area at the back of the Pavilion should be used as community garden and seating area and Moorsholm In Bloom offered to design and build the  layout and also to incorporate some raised beds for the children, the Little Planters.

They planted flowers and vegetables to learn all about plants and gardening and how to create “Flower Wellies”


This clearly shows that the biggest asset a Village can have for success is an enthusiastic community working together