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Moorsholm entered the Northumbria In Bloom competition in 2006 with a small group of volunteer gardeners and helpers. In the following three years we achieved a Bronze award. It soon became obvious that to really succeed in the project we needed to get the community across the village involved.

The two main areas to look at were the “Ground Force” for weekly gardening activities and the fundraising to support all the projects likely to be undertaken across the village.

The village already had a group of volunteers the “Grass Cutters” who took care of the Church grounds and as the village had been a farming community for centuries there was another very competent group the “Farmers Wives” who had traditional skills in cooking and particularly “Home Baking”.

As we live in Yorkshire, which is a food loving county from North to South, it was obvious that organizing catering functions on a regular basis would be a very good fund raising activity. We also provided  a real welcome for the judges with a home bakers tea and we were once told by a judge that if there was an award for baking we would get GOLD !!!

After a meeting in the Church Hall in 2009 the “Moorsholm In Bloom” was formed. The new “Ground Force” team work every week to maintain the displays and look after the village environment.

One of the first fund raising activities was regular “Coffee Mornings” which were held in the Memorial Hall. Volunteers cooked and served from the kitchen and our home bakers donated a very attractive range of cakes and sweets that can be seen in the slides above. The coffee mornings have become a popular activity that we have several times a year and it is still going strong.

It was also important from the start that the whole community from toddlers to our senior citizens in their 80’s and 90’s should be involved. From the first three slides you can  see the little planters group busy with their planting and we also have a Children’s Activity Table at our coffee mornings and an annual Children’s Christmas Party with Santa being towed in to see the children and their families in a farmers trailer.

DorisHSWe are also very proud of Doris who is 87 and regularly attends our functions and is famous for her cakes. She also makes her own personal contribution by sweeping the road alongside the Church that leads to our care home. She has been doing this for 10 years and when Eileen Burn the Chair from Northumbria In Bloom came to visit the village she was asked to join in a bit of fun and award a new broom to Doris.

You can see in the slides what Doris does to keep the village tidy and that she was presented with a “New Broom Award” by Eileen which was really appreciated The day after she posed with her new broom on her very clean road.
Another important activity for the In Bloom competition is the horticultural design and planning that runs the whole length of the village with beds, borders, tubs, conservation areas, heritage and wild life conservation, amongst other things. Our horticultural group of ladies have used their skills to produce attractive designs that judges love and combined with their other activities has resulted in some top awards.

All this success has been achieved with a great team of volunteers throughout the village.

The rewards for this success is more community activity at the year end with an auction of donated gifts at “Harvest Festival” time to raise money, a Christmas Party and the famous “Grass Cutters Ball ” which has food and drink but no dancing. Yes we also have a good sense of humour in Moorsholm.!!!

And finally you can see community members of the Moorsholm In Bloom management group with our last group of Judges followed by their awards, attending the awards ceremony for Northumbria In Bloom  and receiving our first award in the Britain In Bloom competition in 2013.

Children’s Christmas Party completes the year

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