Church Hall Restoration

In 2013 it was decided to carry out renovation work on the Church Hall which was built in 1835. The major damage was from damp inside the building particularly on the walls and leaks through the roof. It was also decided to modify the sandstone building with a kitchen extension on the rear of the building facing the Quiet Garden.

At the time Impetus a local company were offering grants for the renovation of  heritage features so after approval for the work from the Durham Diocese a grant of £35,000 was approved which was funded with 90% from Impetus and 10% from the local community.

This 10% donation was exceeded so there was enough money for redecoration and new blinds. The majority of the work was done by village volunteers  and the money left over in the donations paid for new furniture, tables and chairs which could accommodate meetings,social events and the serving of food. A Regal Tea was organised to celebrate the Queen’s birthday and Lent Lunches were served every Wednesday through Lent with soup and sandwiches served by volunteers as seen below

The Lent lunches are very popular and the soups and sandwiches are made by volunteer home bakers who produce delicious food which is donated to provide the funds for the Church.

The renovation of the Church Hall has provided another community centre with meetings throughout the year, craft classes, social afternoons and talks about the local wildlife such as birds, bats, bees from nature lovers visiting the area.

So a big thank you once again to all the volunteers in Moorsholm and the surrounding area who have done so much for Moorsholm and its community.